Get Involved

Each year 800,000 people kill themselves. Each death directly affects at least ten people and indirectly affects a further 50. So each year 60 million people are impacted by suicide.

There are several ways in which you can get involved in our work. You can:

Become a Befriender listener

You don’t need any special qualifications to become a befriender.

Before you start, you will be well trained by experienced volunteers. You will learn how to listen in a caring and non-judgmental way. And when you start your work, there will be other volunteers on hand to befriend you – the work can be emotionally tough.

You will be an invaluable resource to people who feel they have nowhere else to turn. Who knows? – Talking to you may help someone save their life.

Each centre conducts a selection and training program for new volunteers, and your nearest centre will be pleased to give you more information.

Support our Internet efforts

Webmasters and site owners

By linking to our site you may help a suicidal person to save their own life.

For people who are lonely, despairing and considering suicide, the helplines found on this website are often the last hope – places where they can talk in complete confidence about their deepest fears and darkest secrets.

To link to us please use the following address for our information pages. Ideally we would like the text of the link to read “suicide and crisis support around the world“.

Do you want to contact Befrienders Worldwide?

Contact the Befrienders Worldwide member in your own country if there is one.

Find a support centre

If there are no Befrienders Worldwide members in your own country, click on the link below to find further help.

Further Support