Each year, worldwide more people die by suicide than are killed by others, by murder, acts of war and terrorism combined.  The number of people who attempt suicide without a lethal outcome has been estimated by the World Health Organization as many times greater; there are at least 50 suicide attempters for each person who dies by suicide.

In many countries suicide is illegal and suicide attempters are jailed.  Suicide is often stigmatized and considered a taboo.  This leads to secrecy and false information.  Suicidal individuals may not confide in family and friends and be afraid of asking for help. 

Such a situation has an impact on the individual, society and the global understanding of suicide.  It restricts those who need support in receiving it.  It means that those providing the support can feel isolated and unrecognized in their own country.

As a taboo topic, suicides are often camouflaged.  Some countries do not report suicide statistics to WHO.  Existing statistics underestimate the true extent of suicide worldwide.

Our centres are a trusted source for suicide information as they are working in the field and at a local level to make a difference in their immediate vicinity.  These centres have a true picture of what is occurring with regards to suicidal behaviour within their country and how to best provide emotional support within the cultural context.

Befrienders Worldwide provides our centres much needed support and shared knowledge on best practices developed around the world so that they can adapt their local activities and have a significant impact on their society.  Together we make a significant global impact on suicide.