Bullying can happen to anyone at any age, in any walk of life. It is unfortunately, very common, so please do not feel that you are alone. Other people go through similar situations and have an understanding about how you may be feeling.

There are different types of bullying which can occur at school, work or even at home.Whatever form the bullying takes, it can have a devastating effect upon a person's life.

  • Physical - can include punching, slapping, being pushed over, or having your property stolen, like a bag or mobile telephone.
  • Verbal or psychological - can include name-calling, sarcasm, or being ignored and isolated from your friends or colleagues.
  • Cyber-bullying - is having nasty messages sent to you via the email or text and, sometimes, having embarrassing photographs put onto the web.

People who are being bullied can find it helpful to talk to someone about the situation, particularly where bullying has left them feeling isolated, unconfident and helpless. It can also be helpful to hear about other peoples' experiences about being bullied and how they coped - www.Surviving Bullies.com.

If you need to talk to someone, please use our need to talk pages. Trained Befrienders are there to listen to your problems, whatever they are, in a caring and non-judgemental way. You can speak to them anonymously and in complete confidence.

Whether you are being bullied at school, in the workplace, at home or by cyber-bullying the situation is equally serious and there is support available to you.

If you want to know why someone is a bully and what you can do to try to get the bully to stop bullying you click onto these links:
'Reasons why someone may bully' and 'Things that may stop someone bullying'.

The following links are to selected resources on the internet that provide information about bullying and support for anyone being bullied. If you need help or support, please click on the link marked "I need help".

Bullying at work

pesten.pagina.nl (Nederlands)

School Bullying Resources

Workplace Bullying Resources

Family Bullying Resources

Cyberbullying (Canada)

Mental Health

Anti-Bullying Alliance


I Need Help!